I am not your Negro

I am not your Negro

Press folder summary:

Raoul Peck has put forward a film which revisits the social and political struggle of African Americans in recent decades, using the remarks and the written work of the black American writer James Baldwin. The final result is an intimate reflection on American society, echoing  France’s reality.

James Baldwin’s words are read by JoeyStarr in the French version and read by Samuel L. Jackson in the American version.

Unifrance summary:

In I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO, Raoul Peck pieces together North-American writer James Balwin’s unfinished book: a radical account on racial issues in the United States, exclusively using the author’s own words. Beginning with the story of the lives and assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr., Medgar Evers (member of the NAACP) and Malcolm X, the film explores the United States’ irrational relationship with the issue of race.

Director :
Raoul Peck
Broadcaster :
Production :
Velvet Film
Distributor :
Sophie Dulac Distribution (France)
Year :