Bombing War, From Guernica to Hiroshima

Bombing War, From Guernica to Hiroshima

“There are no innocent civilians”

General Curtis LeMay Commander of the American bombing forces over Japan

Villages flattened by bombs, sheer terror felt by civilians… The recent obliteration of Aleppo echoes the bombing of Guernica by the Third Reich in 1937, and the Allied bombing of Dresden and Tokyo in 1945. Indeed, the Second World War was dominated by the monstrous idea that the war would be won quicker by destroying villages.

BOMBING WAR, FROM GUERNICA TO HIROSHIMA revisits for the first time this terrifying chain of events which set the best and brightest minds in motion, swallowed huge amounts of money and killed a million civilians… All without ensuring the expected victory.

However, despite all its failures and consequent massacres, the military tactic of bombing become the principal weapon of all future conflicts in the aftermath of the Second World War.

Directors :
Emmanuel Blanchard and Fabrice Salinié
Broadcaster :
France 3
Production :
Compagnie des Phares et Balises
Year :